Monday, 19 January 2015

First Attempt: Handling and Cooking pumpkin puree 'porridge'

Ok, I am trying this for the first time in this blog. Would like to blog about the breakfast that I had came out with this morning.  Note that I am not a chef, I am only a wife that's currently all about healthy diet for myself and my bestest beloved husband.

Bought a nice huge pumpkin from Tesco few days back and have not tough it. Reason being? I have not handled pumpkin from scratch before, myself.  Slicing a pumpkin (with the skin on of course) is not as easy as I thought. It is quite hard to even have the first cut. So make sure your knife is sharp enough.

I deskin the pumpkin using the same knife, slicing the skin off to make sure no touch skin will be found in my 'porridge'. Slicing the pumpkin into about 1.5cm so that I would be able to use my slicer dicer to dice them. Use a flat plate and carefully place the diced pumpkin on it, place it on a steamer to steam it soft. Some may prefer to bake them, but I heard you will get the same result but quicker if it's on a steamer so I rather go for the quick solution.  I only have an hour to get the breakfast done so that hubby will be able to bring the breakfast out to work.

So, use a spoon to gently cut your pumpkin dice.  If you could go through it easily without much strength, you know your pumpkin is ready. Now then you can start your next step.

Pour the pumpkin into another pot, add two cups of water and bring it to boil.  Mash it a little while it's boiling using a ladle to fasten the process.  Throw in the diced capsicum and stir together.  Continue to mash until you get the desire consistency.  Add in Italian Whole Seasoning powder and some Ground Oregano for the fragrance.  Pour some milk in, add a small amount of butter and throw in some cheese.  I wanted to thicken the puree a little and have the smell of cheese.  Continue smashing it and you will get the porridge type puree for breakfast.

It tasted so yummy and I am so very proud and happy for my first ever pumpkin handling and cooking experience.  Sorry for the missing of weight for all the ingredients.  I don't cook using measurement but each time I go by taste and how I want my finishing dish to taste like.  So it's more of the taste and cook kinda experience. =) Again, don't judge. It's just the way I enjoy my cooking.

Italian whole seasoning
Ground Oregano

The final result? The sweetness from the pumpkin and the other fragrance all add together just perfectly.  I hope I could still get this taste the next time I am cooking it.  Though, chances of me adding different things will be pretty high too.

Give it a try, it's not as difficult as you think.  Pumpkin seems tough, but it's pretty easy to handle actually.  All the best!

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